4 Actionable tips when choosing an international mover

International moving cannot be compared to moving from one house to another in the same country. There are more logistics involved, and only a few international movers can relocate you and your family as well as the items dearest to you. For starters, an overseas move is possible by utilising sea, road, air, or the combination of the three. If an employer does not arrange your move, then you will have to take time out of your daily schedule and go in search of an international moving company.

In this guide, we look at the things to consider when choosing between two or more international movers.

Get options

With the internet, it has become much easier to find anything and everything. Given your location, do not go for the company that ranks highest on the search engine results pages (SERPs). Ask for referrals and do background checks and insist on getting a quotation from at least three companies. With the estimates in hand, choose the company that works with your budget considering their record of accomplishment.

Insist on seeing their association accreditation

Movers go through many obstacles before they can deliver your goods to your new location in the new country. For this reason, they have associations, which act as a support system amongst them. The company that can give you value for your money, as well as peace of mind, is one that has an accreditation form at least one international mover’s association.

Will they handle the move on the other side of the border?

Some companies have partnerships with moving companies in the destination, or they subcontract the job to a moving company once your goods reach the country you are moving to. When the person who comes to assess the items you have to move comes to your house or office, ask for details about who will handle the move after you enter the new country. Proceed to do a background search on the international mover on the other end of the border.

Get everything in writing

For your safety, it is best to get everything in writing. A company that does not have written contracts and a copy of the terms and conditions is unprofessional, and you will not have a claim if anything were to go wrong. Ensure that you get a no obligation written quotation and make a wise decision.