5 Things You Need to Know When Hiring International Movers

Making your transition to another home or office smooth and easy might seem difficult but hiring international movers can help. However, doing so will only be a waste of money if you don’t do things right. Below are the top 5 things that international movers wish they could tell you before showing up.

1. Let Them Do What They Came to Do

You might believe that you know exactly how to do everything to perfection, but that’s usually not the case at all. In fact, professional movers are specially trained to safely move heavy objects and fragile items. You hired a full-service moving company for a reason, so let them do their job.

2. Keep Cash, Meds, and Jewels with You

Some items are difficult for professional movers to manage, including your money, meds, and valuables. Not only will you likely need those items at some point during the move, but your help doesn’t want to be accused of wrongdoing if anything comes up missing. Do everyone a favour and keep those things on you at all times.

3. Finish Packing Ahead of Time

When you hire full-service international movers, you may get help packing your belongings into boxes. However, that convenience costs extra. To save money and prevent things from being left behind, simply finish packing before moving day arrives. If you’re still packing up when the movers arrive, they might have to wait for you to complete the task (which costs even more money).

4. Label Your Boxes

Labeling is an easy and efficient way of ensuring all your items get delivered to the right area of your new home or office. International movers are hired to load and unload your property, so unless you want everything you own to be stuffed into a single room at the drop-off location, jot down a few key words on each box to help them out.

5. Create a Clear Path

Movers don’t want to step over or trip on items that are in their way, nor do you want the potential property damage. Let the movers know where they can park their truck for quick access to your property and advise them on the best way to enter your residence. If there are parking limitations or restrictions, let them know so they don’t get stuck with an expensive parking ticket.
BONUS: Make moving day more enjoyable for everyone by playing music while the work is being done.