Assess All Relevant Services while Comparing International Removal Companies

All international removal companies will offer a standard service and a personalised service. The standard service may be confined to shipping or it may include packing and unpacking. The personalised service can include anything and everything that you need. It is needless to mention that personalised services will cost more. It is often the only option for many people, especially those who do not have the time or expertise to deal with the many challenges.

Most international removal companies will have the infrastructure, experience and expertise to pack and move your goods by road, sea and air. Some companies will not offer an option of air cargo. This should not make much of a difference because shipping via sea tends to be more affordable and often the de facto choice. You should bear in mind that there are variations in every mode of transport. There would always be standard shipping and expedited shipping. How the consignment is shipped will also vary. There are different ways shipping containers are treated, based on their classification.

• International removal companies will usually attend to loading and local transport, unloading and unpacking. However, unpacking is not a given so you should confirm if the standard service includes this. The kind of packing materials you would have will depend on the type of service you choose. Most international removal companies will have packages or boxes, wraps and cartons. They will have special padding and other essentials for fragile items. But they may or may not attend to any storage needs. You may have short term or long term storage needs. Not all companies have the infrastructure. Some may be willing to hire a storage unit for you or on your behalf. You would have to decide if such a facility is integral to your moving and hence hire a company accordingly.

International moving companies will have a substantially large fleet of vehicles. You would be able to choose a vehicle you want. But not all companies will attend to dismantling all types of appliances or fixtures. They may not specialise in reassembling or reinstalling some complex fixtures, such as washing machines or home automation systems that you might have. You should confirm if the company will offer handyman services. As you learn more about the terms of service or explore the full scope of services, you will know if a company will attend to cleaning, booking the parking in a permit area and offer special assistance such as relocation of pets.