Moving Internationally

To Carry or Not To Carry your Stuff when Moving Internationally

Anyone who is moving internationally will have to deal with the real and expensive challenge of carrying their stuff over to their new residence. Many people simply leave behind everything and set up a completely new home with the bare minimum essentials. Months later, they are still confined to the essential fixtures and most people miss home. You can sell off all your stuff if you are renting or don’t have a permanent home. You can keep your old home as it is if it is owned so you can get back to your familiar comfort and resourceful living sometime in the future. Those who are moving internationally permanently or for a really long time will have to carry some stuff over.

Moving Internationally

There are two primary options at your discretion.

You could carry your stuff with you or you can send your possessions using a courier. The latter has two options. You could send your stuff by sea or by air. Both have their advantages and disadvantages but first let us talk about carrying your stuff with you. All airlines have a weight limit for included baggage and then charge you for excess luggage. While you should use every last ounce of free baggage, you are likely to end up with some excess luggage while moving internationally. Consider the cost of such excess baggage. Do the math and see if it is cheaper to pay the airline or more reasonable to use a courier service. In some cases, excess baggage may cost less and you can have your essential stuff with you, traveling at the same time and reaching your destination together.


Airlines can lose or damage your stuff so consider such a possibility before you shun the idea of hiring a courier.

Now, you should calculate the cost of sending your stuff by sea and by air. It is needless to point out that courier by air is faster. It is also more expensive in most cases. Sending your stuff by sea may be cheaper in some cases but it can take a really long time if you are moving from one part of the world to another. Effectively, it boils down to the specifics. Some routes have really affordable courier services by air. But if you are flying ten thousand miles then the cost of courier by air can cause a dent in your wallet. Weigh your options, find the right balance between time and cost, choose safety over everything else and find a reliable courier.