Everything you could possibly need to know about choosing a local removal companies

Whether you are looking for a smaller or larger property, there are benefits to investing in a local removal company. The question is, how do you decide which company to choose? Use these techniques to find a company that fully meets your requirements in regards to both service and price.

Research recommendations and reviews

Ask friends or family members that have been involved with a removals company in the past to find out what kind of experience they had. Alternatively, a simple Google search will pull up customer reviews of removal companies local to you to give you an idea of which companies to steer clear of and which companies to look at in more detail.

Another fantastic check is to see which local removal companies are part of the BAR (British Association of Removers). Being linked to an association such as this will prove the companies merit and help you reduce your list to a couple of key businesses, making the decision-making process much easier.

Ask each local removal company for individual quotes

Rather than settle for a general quote, get in touch with each company on your short-list and let them know exactly what you would be requiring from them. This will allow each company to offer a tailored quote specific to your needs and will prevent any nasty shocks down the line.

Ensure an insurance policy is in place

In the very unlikely event that your possessions are damaged in transit, it is important to know that your local removal company will cover the damage. This is especially important if you own a lot of fragile or valuable items that you are moving to your new home. We recommend asking for an outline of what is covered under their insurance policy and comparing these to each other.

These little tips are simple to carry out but could mean you find the best local removal company to your suit your needs and your budget.