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The Importance of a Survey in Overseas Removals

Like most people, you may be anxious to know how much overseas removals would cost you.

Moving is always a bit challenging, be it within your city or interstate. Overseas removals are a completely different ballgame. There are far too many variables and many are beyond your control. It is absolutely imperative to be precise every step of the way. The plan must be impeccable. Asking any packer and mover to offer you a quote so you can have an idea is futile unless the company sends a surveyor to your place and you engage in an extensive consultation. The importance of a survey cannot be overstated.


A survey allows the mover to know exactly what you would be moving.

The surveyor will get an idea of the tonnage and accordingly recommend the choice of vehicle. A surveyor will also be in a better position to suggest the ideal packaging strategy. The trouble with moving overseas is the fact that not every item can be easily shipped. Every country has its own laws and there are necessary declarations you may have to furnish to have certain items brought to your new address. It is quite possible some assets of yours will require special inspection and there may be some customs policies of the country you are moving to that will complicate the process further. You don’t need to worry about these since a holistic overseas removals service will take care of all these formalities.

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In addition to ascertaining the tonnage and packaging strategy, a surveyor will also be able to recommend you some tips to manage all your assets that you want to move. Not every object at your home can be neatly packed into standard boxes. Some items will need special packaging. It is possible some items will have to be shipped using special couriers if they are too valuable or very fragile. A generic approach to overseas removals is the last thing you want, especially since the process is going to cost you a fair sum of money. You need a personalized approach and that cannot happen if there is no survey followed by an extensive consultation.


The quote you get from any overseas removals company is futile unless it is after the survey, wherein all your specific details have been accounted for. An estimate specific to your case will hold true when you actually move. A generic quote may get reviewed later.