Make the most of the free survey of house removal firms

All house removal firms should conduct a pre-move survey. This exercise should be free and nonobligatory. Not all house removal firms offer such a nonobligatory service. Some would only conduct a survey after you have decided to hire them or have appointed them. It is your choice whether or not to make the free and nonobligatory survey a criterion for hiring a removal company. Ideally, you should not proceed without such an exercise.

The free survey is as important for you as it is for the moving company. The only way to have a lucid understanding of the specifics is to thoroughly assess the various types of items that must be moved. The survey will not only lead to an inventory but it would have a direct impact on the quote. Any estimate you have before such a survey is basically futile as it would always be subjected to a review. Do not go for generic estimates. Wait for the survey to be over, discuss the specificities and only then ask for a quote that will not be reviewed any further. There’s plenty to take away from an extensive survey.

• First, you should make a note of your assets that you would be taking with you, the items you would be discarding or selling and those that would go into a storage unit for now. It is possible you would take everything with you. It is also possible you would dispose most of what you own. In most cases, homeowners need a temporary storage space to keep some stuff till the new place is organised. Some of the temporarily stored stuff may end up being sold. You need to figure this out during the survey or by the end of it. You cannot have last minute enlightenment’s. Late realisations will complicate the process, make the moving exercise unpredictable and there will be more expenses to bear.

• Second, you should always have a lucid understanding of the full scope of services offered by house removal firms. The survey will allow them to inspect everything and the visiting representative should make it clear if there are some types of items that they don’t deal with. They may need some technical help while dealing with some of the appliances. While normal home appliances are not an issue, any complex installation will be beyond the expertise of many house removal firms. Knowing such nitty-gritty in advance will help you prepare for the inevitable.