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Pickfords: The Story So Far

Every business will accumulate stories over the years, from good times and bad. But when a company has been around for almost 400 years, you pick up some bizarre and highly entertaining anecdotes. Pickfords have comprised their history to showcase their most fascinating accomplishments over the years.

Jack The Ripper – A Pickfords Employee?

The true identity of Jack The Ripper is still unknown, almost 130 later, but there are plenty of theories. One includes a former employee of Pickfords, who not only found the body of Polly Nichols, but also gave a false name when interrogated by local police. Could this be the true identity of the notorious serial killer?

An Elephant Never Forgets

Pickfords were responsible for moving the largest elephant in captivity. Big Charlie, as he was known, had a terrible temper; which would certainly have made the three-day transportation an interesting one. The team moved him from Ayr to Yorkshire in a purpose-built crate supplied by Pickfords.

Doing Business With Margaret Thatcher

After Pickfords became part of the National Freight Consortium, it was privatised by Margaret Thatcher. During this time, Pickfords employees were encouraged to invest in the company and very soon the business was employee owned. The NFC was soon one of the market leading logistics and moving services companies in the world.

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