Quintessential preparations for overseas removals

Overseas removals would always be more challenging than moving domestically. You may have less stuff to move overseas and still you would need to invest more time, effort and money. How far you are moving and to which specific country will have a significant bearing on various aspects of overseas removals but there are some standard preparations you should attend to well before the actual moving date. Here are some quintessential preparations for overseas removals.

Always begin with a survey. This is referred to as pre-move survey in the industry. There are two surveys you should conduct, not one. The first one should be an independent survey where you don’t have a mover involved. This is for your own assessment. You must be able to decide and finalise all the stuff you would be taking along or shipping to your new destination. Unclutter your home, have an inventory and then shortlist the priorities, discard what you don’t need and you may sell or give away some of the stuff to reduce the size or weight of your consignment.

• The reason why you must carry out an independent survey is to be certain of the stuff you will actually move to the new address. It is important as the mover will want to know this when they conduct the pre-move survey. If you are undecided or you have some uncertainties, then the mover will find it difficult to give you a specific quote. Do not pave the way for last minute changes or any review of the quote. If you cannot be certain during the pre-move survey, the mover will have to review the quote when you add some stuff later. On the flipside, there may not be any changes to the quote if you reduce some stuff. Clarity at the outset is hence absolutely necessary.

• The pre-move survey will determine every other component down the line and will influence your choices. The mover will also have appropriate recommendations based on the findings of the survey. The physical inspection and onsite consultation would also be the ideal time to talk about dates and to prepare a complete plan of action. Your mover will coordinate the dates and help you with this planning. Overseas removals is not as simple as loading everything, driving the distance and then unloading everything. There will be more than one halt or stop in the process. You would also need special packing materials and assistance pertaining to some items that you may not be able to take with you or ship through the overseas removals company.